• Who We Are

    Replacing the traditional adversarial divorce with a less stressful, faster and less costly, cooperative divorce process
  • Divorce Mediation Benefits Children

    Mediation allows you to plan for separate futures while protecting your children from losing a parent to divorce.
  • Negotiating with Your Spouse

    Divorces and post divorce disputes can all be successfully mediated saving you time, resources, and lost work hours.

Why We Mediate

We mediate because we care deeply about the effect of divorce on spouses and children.  We mediate because we believe that we are providing a caring, informed and constructive process for families in divorce.  We...

Why Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a much less stressful emotional experience than the traditional divorce process. Working together with a skilled mediator in a negotiation process results in much less animosity and ill will than...


Does mediation cost less than a traditional divorce? Yes. In divorce mediation, the couple pays one mediator instead of two competing attorneys. Also, having both parties together during the mediation sessions...

Divorce Mediation Group

The practice of divorce mediation is a rapidly growing alternative to the traditional, adversarial approach to divorce. We can help negotiate a settlement through a private and confidential process that is less stressful, faster and less expensive than the traditional divorce process.Call the Divorce Mediation Group at 413-733-4444

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