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DMG group sit - siteWelcome to the Divorce Mediation Group blog! Here we hope you find some useful and informative articles about why divorce mediation is the best option for you, your spouse, and your children.

Divorce mediation replaces the traditional adversarial divorce with a less stressful, faster and less costly, cooperative divorce process. In divorce mediation, a divorce mediator meets with the couple and establishes a rapport with them and helps them develop an agenda of issues to discuss. The mediator facilitates the parties’ discussion – in a sense, you could say that the mediator helps improve the quality of the conversation. We will assist you in negotiating agreements about the important issues in divorce. The mediator will provide information about how the laws apply to various situations. Often the mediator will share his/her experience with you concerning the various ways that other couples have resolved various issues. The mediator will take notes and draft an agreement – called a Separation Agreement.

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