Why Mediation

FamilyDivorce Mediation is a much less stressful emotional experience than the traditional divorce process. Working together with a skilled mediator in a negotiation process results in much less animosity and ill will than the protracted confrontation that may occur between adversarial lawyers and their clients. The shortened time duration of the process as well as the considerably lower cost of mediation, also contribute to a lower level of emotional stress.

Divorce Mediation is much less expensive and faster than the traditional divorce process. The divorcing couple pays one mediator instead of two attorneys. Also, having both parties together during mediation sessions dramatically shortens the process and the billable time of the mediator. The cost of divorce mediation is, on average, 30% – 70% lower than the cost of traditional divorce.

Divorce Mediation is better for children. The divorcing parents remain in charge of their children’s interests and needs, and are able to construct a cooperative parenting plan without turning the children’s futures over to judges and lawyers.

It is a more private and confidential process. Private lives and family finances are not paraded before the public.

It is a more positive personal experience for the divorcing individuals than the adversarial divorce process. Mediation is a cooperative exercise in responsible problem solving that calls upon the best attributes of each partner to build an agreement rather than tear down a marriage.

Divorce Mediation results in a lower rate of relitigation. Mediated settlements are more comprehensive and cooperative in nature, producing a much higher rate of compliance by both parties, and a lower rate of expensive relitigation.

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